Crown Charm

February 19th, 2014 by Josh Whiting


Designed by Atlanta artist Cary Calhoun to honor the mission of the Press On To CURE Childhood Cancer Fund.

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Product Description

In ancient cultures, crowns represent victory, courage, and honor. A crown is a visible sign of success, thus the term “crowning achievement,” and its significance makes bearing the crown a great honor. To that end, Cary designed a crown as an image of courage and success in the fight against childhood cancer.

Background on Artist:
Erin Chance has been a fan of her friend Cary Calhoun’s hand-made jewelry for many years. Using raw materials of sterling silver and gold, Cary specializes in creating unique jewelry in her Atlanta studio using traditional techniques such as filing, sawing, soldering, forging, and acid etching. Casting is also an important aspect of her work. She not only carves waxes which are then cast, but she also creates molds of found antiquities. These “replicas” are then fabricated into wearable jewelry art.

Cary originally made each charm by hand using the processes described above and on her website, Fortunately for us, demand grew so rapidly that Cary found a manufacturer located in the United States to produce the sterling silver charms with superb quality. Since that first charm, Cary and Erin have collaborated on the beautiful designs on the website, all of which are imprinted with “Press On” on the back.

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