5th Annual Press On for the Holidays

November 6th, 2012 by Susie Adamson

Give a gift that will create instant decor for the entire season!

We would like to thank EasyToGrowBulbs.com for supporting Press On’s 5th Annual Press on for the Holidays by offering their magnificent gifted pots of paperwhites and amaryllis.  Their huge bulbs and beautiful blooms have become a holiday “must have” for anyone who has bought or received one as a gift in previous years.  Lovely ceramic cache pots will be pre-planted with 3 paperwhite bulbs or one large amaryllis bulb. For each gift purchased, EasyToGrowBulbs will donate 15% to Press On to help fight neuroblastoma and AML.


Patrick Paperwhites
3 Bulbs in a Green Lumious Square

Amaryllis Minerva Basket
“Flowers for a Cure”


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