Pay Online for Play for Patrick Event

Thanks for your Play for Patrick Submission.  You are almost done…

We thank you for being a part of the 9th Annual Play for Patrick Event. Please choose from one of the two following payment options made available for both Registration & Sponsorship Fee(s):

Option 1: Pay via Credit Card
NOTE:  Please select Play for Patrick: Press On as the fund in which you are making a One-Time donation for. You will have the opportunity to manually enter the total amount for all of your events at once. NOTE: We only accept the following payment methods –  VISA, MasterCard or Discover.

Option 2: Pay via Check.
NOTE if you select this method of payment you do not need
 to take any additional action on-line.  Simply mail your check. 

Make your check payable 
to the order of CSRA CF / c/o Press On Fund, with Play for Patrick on the Memo Line and mail to the attention of:

Community Foundation for the CSRA
1450 Greene St #228
Augusta, GA 30901

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