Much Improved!

March 30th, 2011 by Stephen Chance

posted on CarePages March 30, 2011

Patrick had his MIBG scan six weeks post MIBG treatment this morning and the results are very good. There is still evidence of some disease, but Dr. Katzenstein described the disease burden as much improved. We have not yet heard from the team at CHOP about their impressions and recommendations going forward, but we feel fairly certain that we will repeat MIBG treatment as soon as Patrick’s counts allow. He continues to need platelets about every 7-10 days, needed blood a few days ago, and we haven’t seen any neutrophils in a while. We will get a CBC tomorrow and then go to Hilton Head for spring break with a little pep in our step. We will come back through Augusta next weekend for the Masters and then reenter duty mode.

We feel like another MIBG treatment will put him in a good position to go on one of several monoclonal antibody clinical trials already open or about to open this summer. It looks like he could blow by his 5 year survivorship mark in June with darn near clear scans, albeit with some residual bone marrow disease. He will still have 5 bags of stem cells, a good quality of life, and arrows in the quiver. Patrick is proving that one can live with cancer and still have a wonderful life – even life in high definition. May it please continue! Thanks and praise to his wonderful team of health care professionals and all of you. Happy Masters!


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    What a joy to find sooemne else who thinks this way.


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