Last Day of School

May 27th, 2011 by Erin Chance

posted on CarePages May 27, 2011

What an emotional day for me, and I presume Patrick is feeling it, too. Today is our last day of school, which is a bittersweet day for all families. Another year gone by, another sign of how fast childhood passes. Today is more than that for me. As some of you know, we have decided to home school Patrick next year for a variety of reasons. He will still be welcome on campus as part of the school community and will spend some time in the classroom visiting his peers, but I will be responsible for the day-to-day schoolwork. I am looking forward to spending this additional and special time with him. Today, though, I can’t help but worry that this is his last day at TCS, a place that has provided more love, joy, and support than I could ever imagine a school capable of giving. Madison was in pre-K at TCS when Patrick was diagnosed five years ago and the school has been beside us in the trenches every step of the way. What a wonderful three years he spent there wrapped in the love of his classmates and teachers. And although I do have unrelenting hope that he will be back in school full-time, if he doesn’t go back to TCS, I could have never envisioned a better school experience for him. That is certainly the sweet part, and I am so grateful to everyone there for making him always feel special and loved.

All that emotional roller coaster aside, I am really glad summer is here!

In the time since our last post (I know, I know – I apologize!!!), we have been extraordinarily busy. Patrick received his stem cells back and has continued to have doctors’ appointments two to three days a week to check his progress. Those little stem cells are trying their best to engraft but it has definitely been a wavering process. He feels GREAT, though, and has enjoyed school and time playing with his friends.

We had our fifth annual Play for Patrick Tennis Tournaments and Charity Weekend last weekend. What started as a women’s doubles tournament in 2006 has now grown to include 5 doubles tournaments, a golf tournament, silent and live auctions, a family barbecue, and a band party! Our best estimate is that we raised close to $75,000!!! I am so humbled and grateful to all the people who worked tirelessly to make the weekend a success and those who generously donated to the cause. Thank you so much!!!

We are off to our beloved mountain house this weekend for fun with friends and some relaxation. We wish you all a blessed Memorial Day weekend!


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