Holiday Shopping for Press On!

October 17th, 2016 by Sarah Turner Davis

Below is a list of vendors with items that support Press On. We will update it as more items become available.

CauseNetwork: Online Shopping at Over 1000 Stores!


When you shop through our personal CauseNetwork Press On Marketplace a percentage of your purchases at hundreds of online stores will go to Press On. Special deals on hotels, as well as vehicle and electronic donation are also available through CauseNetwork! Go check out our marketplace today and every day you shop online!

Champions 4

Proceeds from the “Irish Major Champions” benefit Press On and Barretstown in Ireland. Limited Edition Prints!


WildesArt: Prints and Cards

Proceeds from the following designs go to Press On. Click on photos for link.

077-embrace-the-season 096-peace-and-love

Synchronicity Series:


Through the Eyes of A Child Series:


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