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Two Ways to Shop for Press On!

As the holidays approach, please remember Press On while you shop online! Two services, both free, can allow you to donate a small percentage of each purchase to Press On! The first is CauseNetwork, our personal marketplace. To use CauseNetwork, visit our marketplace page and sign up. Bookmark the marketplace to make your future use easy! Every time you shop online, head to your PressOn Marketplace and navigate to your favorite stores from their list of over 1000 stores! You can donate vehicles and electronics, shop and book travel, while also purchasing all of your Halloween costumes, decorations and treats from your favorite stores.


iGive Browser Extension

The second is iGive, a browser extension that works almost automatically! Sign up Here and follow the instructions. You’ll be notified when you visit an online store supported by iGive. Easy as that! Neither of these services will cost you any money, and you’ll be SHOCKED by how many stores are covered under both!