Did you know you can donate your vehicle to support Press On?

We’ve partnered with Cause Network to make the process simple. Just go this link to complete and submit the short form, make sure you have the title and keys for the vehicle and within about 48 hours the towing company will call to schedule a pick up of the car, boat, motorcycle, ATV, etc. The vehicle will be auctioned, you will be sent tax a receipt for the donation and Press On will get the net proceeds from the auction. It is just that easy!

Press On is a field-of-interest fund with the Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area. Our mission is to identify feasible and groundbreaking alternative therapies for childhood cancers and to invest in the science and infrastructure needed to cure childhood cancer within our lifetime. Visit our Donation Page to invest in a future without childhood cancer.

About the CauseNetwork Vehicle Donation Program

Vehicle donations are processed through The CauseNetwork Foundation, an IRS registered 501(c)(3) charity. Vehicle pickup, inspection and resale is handled by the Donation Division of IAA, which has processed over $168,000,000 in vehicle donations to support over 500 charities since 1994. Proceeds are donated in your name to Press On net of expenses related to operating the program.