Special Request: Day of Prayer for Patrick

September 7th, 2011 by Tara Simkins

Pressing On with A Special Request
September 12, 2011,
A Day of Prayer for Patrick

We INVITE YOU to join us, where ever you are, for a Press On Day of PRAYER on September 12th, at noon and 6 p.m. e.d.t.  We ask you to join your collective hearts and minds to pray for Patrick Chance as he receives the life giving sacrament of his own stem cells that day. It is a critical time in Patrick’s treatment.  Please see Stephen’s Carepage update below.  Either the MIBG therapy that Patrick received last week will knock back the neuroblastoma cells once again, or Patrick will begin to experience the pain associated with an increased disease burden that has broken through all the barriers we have to offer at this time.

Specifically, we ask that you include Stephen’s petition “to pray for no pain, for Patrick’s stem cells to engraft while neuroblastoma cells remain in check, and for the hu14.18 trial to open so that Patrick can continue to blaze trails and warm us with his smiles.”

Please keep Stephen, Erin, Madison, Patrick and Anna strong and joyful through this time as they continue to share the beauty of their lives with each of us and inspire us to make something beautiful of our own – all because of one little boy.

We also ask that you remember all families who are living with cancer during this Day of Prayer.  As Turner shares in his new Carepage update below, we continue to be reminded on a daily basis of the fragility of our time together, between birth and death.

Let us then come together again and renew our belief in MIRACLES and the HOPE FOR A CURE with a Day of Prayer on September 12th for Patrick.

Thank you.  Your prayers and tireless efforts to raise awareness and fund new therapies is humbling.

XOXO + Press on,

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One Response to “Special Request: Day of Prayer for Patrick”

  1. September 07, 2011 at 12:36 pm, Nancy Stanley said:

    I will pray and believe that God will heal. What an incredible journey. God showed me recently in one of my own trials (seemingly so small in comparison to yours but nontheless a mother’s heartbreak), that I talk HIM more when I am needy. May His talking to you be sweet and peaceful and comforting. Nancy


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