Can Cancer Project

July 12th, 2012 by Susie Adamson

Together We Can……


A “PRESS ON FUND” Service Project for the USTA Georgia 2012 Jr. Team Tennis State Championship Teams.


The USTA Georgia 2012 JTT State Championship teams want to give back to a good cause and help cure childhood cancer through a project called CAN CANCER ! We are partnering with Press On to CURE Childhood Cancer (, a non-profit organization that provides research grants for the development of new and less toxic treatments for neuroblastoma and acute myeloid leukemia. Please read the attached document about Press On and some dear children who never thought they would be battling a deadly disease. You can view the website and learn more about Patrick and Brennan and their courageous battle with cancer.

How To Donate:

Team Captains, have your teams collect donations in old tennis cans and submit them online at ““. It is safe and secure to to donate through the CURE website. Choose “Can Cancer” in the Program Section. In the Comment Section you should write your team name and league. (i.e. Smith 14U from COTA)

Please submit donations online prior to October 6, 2012; prize for most money raised by a Junior Team.

Ideas on How To Raise $:

Promote fund raisers on Facebook

car washes     cleanup day     babysit     mow lawns     chores     sell lemonade     help neighbors     pet sitting     yard sale     raffle tennis items     lottery raffle

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