A Good Turn

April 25th, 2011 by Turner Simkins

posted on CarePages, April 13, 2011

“Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue”.
Eugene O’Neill

Always expect the best, especially when the worst seems to be taking the upper hand. I was almost embarrassed last week, having posted a Carepage which, clearly demonstrating frustration with a partially derailed game-plan, was effectively rendered obsolete with a telephone call from Tara that Brennan was feeling good and asking if he would be allowed to leave Memphis for the Masters tournament.

I had left Memphis for Augusta with the Brothers Tuesday afternoon late, presumably to return Friday in order to watch the weekend competition on television with Tara and Brennan in Memphis. After all, we had just been told that Brennan would remain in the hospital for at least another week until his intestinal pneumotosis could be managed on an out-patient basis. In my mind I was already at Brennan’s hospital bedside watching the winner walk up number 18 as we had three tournaments ago at MCG.

The trip to Augusta was a minor victory for us, being able to deliver the Brothers home for a few days. It also provided an overdue distraction to myself, particularly my fingernails which had been bitten to the quick worrying about Brennan’s fickle platelet counts and, particularly, his unresolved chimerisim status.

But we had not been home six hours when Tara phoned with elation that the Chimerisim was still 100% percent donor cells and that the platelet levels were more than likely indicative of his body’s successful response to the intestinal inflammation.

With this wonderful news, she added. “And guess what?, “Brennan’s diarrhea and nausea seems to be under control and he wants to come home for the Masters!”

I immediately felt as if my last Carepage post was little more than a portrait of a paranoid dad, reacting to issues which, with one phone call had been rendered obsolete. At the same time, I was still shaking and exhausted from the very serious and real circumstances that established the mindset at that particular moment in time.

The events that came to pass last week can be described as nothing more than remarkable, ultimately creating one of the most meaningful and beautiful weekends that our family has ever spent together.

I was the one chaperoning the Brothers in Augusta when word of all this came about, while Tara remained in Memphis, with the timely and auspicious presence of her aunt (Susan Rice’s sister) Pam Allen. Almost every hour prior to Tara and Brennan’s arrival in Augusta was filled with the most inspiring reports of a little boy’s cheerful determination, as well as those associated with the army of wonderful people who helped make this little dream come true.

Therefore, I find it only appropriate that the details of this past week, and the almost unbelievable occurrences that defined it, be chronicled by Tara; who is currently drafting the next Carepage entry. She was the one at his side as he lifted himself up; consequently, she is the one who should tell the story.

In the meantime, suffice it to say that we are breathing much easier. Last week’s chimerisim (the one following the one subject to all of the delay and apprehension) was also 100%. Brennan is out of the hospital, and is once again asserting his mettle and self-confidence in all that he does, proving once again that grace does indeed prevail when our faith is most vulnerable.


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