Colt Ingram & Christopher Simkins had a tournament coming up…

Christopher, Brennan, and their big brother Nat circa 2009

They were playing together in the South Carolina Junior “4-Ball” Tournament at Pebble Creek. And someone had an idea: What if they dedicated their game to Press On? What about “Pars for Press On”?

You see, Christopher’s parents cofounded Press On when his older brother Brennan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia the day before his seventh birthday (Christopher was just six). He’s a survivor now, though his cancer journey had a huge impact on his overall health and on his entire family.

So they asked people to pledge X amount of dollars per par. The Simkins family set up a pledge form on the Press On website. They got 17 pledges, averaging $10 a par. The results? 15 pars and 2 birdies (pledges count double for birdies!), resulting in $2926! Just one round of golf between buddies raised almost $3000 for childhood cancer research. The donations are still rolling in– if you’d like to contribute to the efforts of Colt & Christopher, head to our donate page and enter “Pars for Press On” in the write-in dedication section. 

If you’re feeling inspired, this is a fantastic model for your own fundraising efforts! We have created a template for Pars for Press On that you can download for your (or your child’s) next tournament here. Pars for Press On is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more fundraising packages that you can use for your next big event! How will you Play for Press On?

Colt and Christopher with Brennan Simkins