When Hallie was just two years old, her mother found her having a seizure in her crib. It turned out to be a brain tumor, nearly a quarter of her brain, and Hallie was rushed into emergency surgery. After surgery, she suffered a stroke that left her left side paralyzed to this day. Her tumor proved so rare it was misdiagnosed several times, but today is known as a sub group of PNET called hGWNT, of which there are only 15 known cases.


Her cancer relapsed once, but she continues to beat the odds and is now her fifth year away from cancer treatment. Though she’s been through it all, from developmental delays to hearing and speech impairment, Hallie lights up a room like a ray of sunshine! Her smile is contagious, and she could melt anyone’s heart.

Hallie’s father Bob Crawford always says, “Trying to cure a brain tumor with chemo and radiation is like trying to cure a hangnail with a hammer.” Today’s treatments just aren’t effective, especially for a child with a growing brain and body. We need targeted treatments– therapies that kill the cancer but leave the child unharmed. Help support more effective, less toxic treatments for childhood cancer research by buying Hallie’s Ray of Sunshine Socks. Adorned with a gold ribbon for pediatric cancer, you’ll help spread awareness every time you wear them!

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