Patrick Chance inspired all with his desire to “heal people” and his ability to emphasize what was really important in life: love, family, friends, and fun. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at age 3 and despite over five years of intense therapy, Patrick passed away on his ninth birthday. Today, Press On strives to be Patrick’s “healing hands on earth,” and we find grace in the simple reminders ~ like the occasional feather from Patrick’s Angel Wings.

As a nature lover, Patrick loved all animals– he especially loved hawks, so feathers as a symbol were already special to his family. But after he passed away in 2012, feathers became even more treasured in the Press On Family. It seemed those mystery feathers that pop up on occasion became even more common, and often showed up in a time of need. Even Brennan seemed to find them everywhere, and soon these mystery feathers became known as feathers from Patrick’s Angel Wings. They are a beautiful reminder from someone oh so special– a reminder to Press On.

We created these socks in honor of Patrick, but do you have someone special who sends you their angel feathers?

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