Press On Fund Contributes to Multi-Million Dollar TARGET Pediatric AML Initiative

Augusta, GA – November 27, 2017 – Press On Fund is combining forces with TARGET Pediatric AML (TpAML) to establish the largest ever collaborative research initiative to cure pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Press On’s $250,000 investment in TpAML represents its first commitment to this nationwide project, endorsed by the Children’s Oncology Group as the “highest potential, greatest need” for pediatric AML research.


High fives all around as members of Press On and TpAML meet to join forces!

AML represents one of the most virulent pediatric cancers, with one of the poorest survival rates for relapse AML (with first remission survival rates at 65-75%). While some progress has been made in pediatric AML over the years, few published papers have actually illustrated this improvement, and many articles report on outcome data with relatively short follow-up. TpAML’s goal is to speed personalized, precision medicine to young AML patients with a two-pronged approach: using comprehensive target discovery across all AML types to maximize the use of all available targeted agents, even those designed originally for other diseases; and providing clinical genomic testing to all active pediatric AML patients treated at COG-affiliated institutions.


This initiative fills the gaps in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s multi-million dollar “Beat AML” campaign, which currently only focuses on AML patients 60 years of age and older.


From Dr. Peter C. Adamson, COG Chair: “The Children’s Oncology Group is honored to have the support of the Press On Fund for the TARGET Pediatric AML Initiative. The Press On Fund’s support of this pioneering initiative will help us build a unique platform for discovery that will lead to better treatments and improve the outcome for all children with acute myeloid leukemia.”


Press On is thrilled to continue our partnership as we Press On to TARGET Pediatric AML!