Patrick and his father bravely sliding down Turtleback Falls in North Carolina!

Patrick’s father Stephen “Playing for Press On” over Labor Day Weekend

From Patrick’s Family

Despite the terrible pain and missing we endure since losing Patrick, we try to get up every day and live the life he would have wanted.  It isn’t always easy and we don’t always succeed, but making the effort is the most important part.  We Press On so that we are living meaningful, happy lives.  We Press On so that we can help others live longer and better.  We Press On, looking forward to the day we are reunited with Patrick.  When we find joy, we know we are capturing a little bit of the Patch smile that we all hold so dear.

Patrick’s sisters and their friends take a moment to remember him over Labor Day…

“We’re fighting for camp outs, campfires and s’mores. We’re fighting for soccer games and ballet classes. We’re fighting for a world without childhood cancer.”

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