Brennan and his “Band of Brothers”

Today’s Sunday Challenge is incredibly important. Brennan and Maya’s lives have been saved by bone marrow donations. If you are between the ages of 18-44, it’s time for YOU to register for Be the Match. Every year, 12,000 battle blood diseases, and you could be the answer to someone’s prayers. Only one in 430 members will actually donate, and you are never obligated if you change your mind. Signing up is free and easy.

If you have already registered (go you!) or do not qualify to register (that’s okay too!), encourage someone else to join the registry today! Share this email, or share Wednesday’s email about Brennan and his marrow donors. Or just tell them about Brennan and Maya, and how if you are called to donate, the procedure is free and even a 10-year-old (the one in the white shirt above!) can handle it! That’s not a lot to sacrifice to help someone have a second chance at life.


P.S. Our goals for ACTION are so audacious they literally cannot be achieved without your help. For the entire month of September, every dollar donated to Press On ~ up to $250,000! ~ will be MATCHED for Target Pediatric AML (“TpAML”), a MOONSHOT project aimed at identifying genomic targets for pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients so that researchers can create specific, targeted treatments. These targeted ~ and consequently less toxic ~ treatments FOR KIDS are what Press On is all about! Please, if you are comfortable doing so, take just a few minutes of your time to DONATE NOW and SHARE today’s blog post on your Facebook page, or share via personal email with friends whom you believe have the passion to help us make a difference.

Thank you for supporting the Press On Fund!