Brennan battled pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia and has been in remission for six years. But how common is his story? And what else can be done?

Who is affected by AML?

Most AML patients are over 60 years of age. Only 500 children are diagnosed with AML every year.

What is the prognosis for pediatric AML?

Only half of patients will achieve long-term remission.

How is AML treated?

From intense chemotherapy and full-body radiation to stem cell and bone marrow transplants, treatments for AML are notoriously toxic. Children who survive are invariably left with long-term side effects.

With the majority of cases affecting seniors, most research focuses on adult AML. But pediatric and adult AML have been proven to be very different. So we can’t rely on adult research to “trickle down” to children– and our kids can’t afford to wait. 

This month, all donations to Press On will be MATCHED and granted to Target Pediatric AML (“TpAML”). TpAML is a grassroots, collaborative effort to fund a huge, strategic genomic sequencing effort benefitting young AML and biphenotypic leukemia patients. 

TpAML’s widespread genetic testing will open doors for new targeted therapies, as well as open the doors for new uses for drugs already on the shelf. Learn more in their video below.

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