The Chance, Simkins, and Crawford Families of Press On welcome you to 30 Days. 

Welcome to 30 Days to Press On! Thank you for joining us. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Press On is turning AWARENESS into ACTION. This month, all donations made to Press On will be MATCHED by us and granted to Target Pediatric AML, known as “TpAML”, a grassroots, collaborative effort rallying friends, families, and foundations nationwide to speed targeted therapies and personalized medicine for pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients via strategic target discovery.

Press On will match all September donations up to $250,000.
DOUBLE your impact today!


Our goal is to be able to grant $500,000 at the end of September! Half a MILLION dollars! 

You see, researchers believe that if we are going to do away with chemotherapy, radiation, and other system-blasting treatments – all of which have provided miraculous cures for some, but not without long-lasting side effects – we need to find genomic targets for each specific type of cancer. Over 80% of AML cases are diagnosed in adults over 60, so most research is focused on seniors. This project takes aim at pediatric AML (patients ages 0-35!), which is biologically different from adult AML. The TpAML initiative is the Children’s Oncology Group’s “highest potential and greatest need” AML research project. Through genetic sequencing of hundreds of pediatric AML samples, TpAML hopes to find AML’s weaknesses and open the doors for smart, targeted treatment.

Someday, we hope to have targeted treatments for each and every cancer case. Press On was originally started to cure Neuroblastoma (more on Patrick Chance and Neuroblastoma soon!) and soon after expanded to fund research for AML, a rare and devastating leukemia as well as an extremely common secondary cancer (more on Brennan Simkins and AML later too!). Now we fund research for less toxic, targeted therapies for all pediatric cancers (Hallie Crawford will be making an appearance here as well!). Each and every cancer is different, so for targeted therapies we’ll have to work on them one by one. TpAML has given us the chance to check one off the list. Thank you for joining us. We look forward to the next 30 days with you!

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P.S.  Our goals for ACTION ~HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!~ are so audacious they literally cannot be achieved without your help. Please, if you are comfortable doing so, take just a few minutes of your time to DONATE NOW and SHARE our dreams on your social media or through a personal email to friends whom you believe have the passion to help us make a difference. 

Thank you for supporting The Press On Fund!