The Research to Accelerate Cures and Equity (RACE) for Children Act would close a key loophole that currently allows potentially life-saving drugs to be tested for adults but not for children.

“If the Senate passes this act, necessary studies will be conducted to provide physicians with more information for treating children with cancer. This wouldn’t be the same approval process from start to finish, but would simply be done to guide physicians so they know which types of pediatric cancers the drug could treat, the appropriate dosage, and most importantly, whether the drug is safe for children. Ultimately, this bill would ensure new drugs that target cancer’s genetic structure are providing a pathway for the cancer community to know which adult cancer drugs also are safe for children.” Read more. 

Please contact your senators and encourage them to support this bill! To find your representatives and their contact information all in one place, you can visit the National Priorities Project website and enter your zip code.