dr. evans

Dr. William E. Evans with Brennan and Turner Simkins just after accepting a position on our Press On Medical Advisory Board!

Press On is proud to welcome Dr. William E. Evans to our Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Evans served at St. Jude’s director and CEO from 2004-2014. From 1986 to 2002, he chaired the St. Jude Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and from 2002 to 2004 served as the hospital’s scientific director and executive vice president. He also currently holds the St. Jude Professorship and Endowed chair at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine and Pharmacy. It was Dr. Evans who helped finalize Tara & Turner’s decision to bring Brennan to St. Jude for treatment. Because of this decision and Brennan’s subsequent treatments, St. Jude has become the lead pioneer in Haplo Alogenic transplants, with which they are having equal success to perfect match bone marrow transplants, thereby providing less toxic cure options for families than the conventional chemo and radiation focused methods.  Also because of this relationship, Press On has helped facilitate over $1mm in research to St Jude, including their Genome study with Washington University as well as trials for neuroblastoma, AML and brain tumors. We are excited to continue the journey with Dr. Evans!