By now, all of you have heard us use the words Play It Forward. Many of you participated in our social media challenge, and some of you even created your own fundraisers. Take Eric Neevel, an Avett Brothers fan who approached the Crawfords in July hoping to raise money in honor of img_0569Hallie. His idea was beautiful: An artisan specializing in custom frames as well as an Avett Brothers fan, he wanted to create a fundraiser for childhood cancer research that used custom-framed Avett Brothers posters as incentives. Not just any posters, either: gorgeous artwork by the likes of Kat Lamp, Dig My Chili, State of Shock Studios, Mazza Art, Miles Tsang, David Hale Tattoo, and Todd Slater.

The Big Crawford Announcement not yet made, we worked in secret with Eric as he made plans to raise money for Press On without blowing our big news: the official partnership of the Crawfords with Press On. He patiently traversed our chaotic little grassroots family as we tossed our Crawford announcement date back and forth and around. I myself, our Communications Manager, got exactly 30 minutes notice when the final Go order was made.

But Eric never lost patience, and when all was made official, he publicly climbed aboard the Press On Train. In just eight weeks, Eric Neevel’s fundraiser, Frame it Forward, surpassed their $30,000 goal. Their final tally: $31,870. From all of us here at Press On, we thank you Eric and the whole Frame It Forward Team.

Play It Forward does not require that every fundraiser have a $30,000 goal with incentive prizes culminating in a trip to Red Rocks to see the Avett Brothers live with VIP seating. But Eric’s passion-driven fundraiser perfectly embodies the spirit of Play It Forward: take something that you are passionate about, and use it, to quote Eric quoting my favorite Avett song, to “leave behind the world a better way.”

So as the New Year approaches and we all sit down to write our resolutions, let’s all keep one thing at the top of our list: Play It Forward. While work and school are set aside, sit down at the dinner table this holiday season and talk to your children, whether they be little or grown, about their passions. See what they want to play more of, and make a plan to use that to play it forward. It’s what we’ve been saying all along: Whatever you play, Play for Press On.

Thank you for another beautiful year of Press On.

With love and holiday cheer,
Sarah T. Davis
Press On Communications Manager