We have some exciting news to share with you regarding Press On and its move to the CSRA Community Foundation in Augusta, GA (“CSRACF”).  As you know, Press On was the first “named fund” of CURE Childhood Cancer, Inc.  For over six years, CURE’s administrative support, specifically efforts by Kristin Connor, her staff, the Board, the scientific advisory panel, and outside professionals, have allowed Press On to flourish and concentrate on the Press On Mission: investing in cutting edge treatments and cures for neuroblastoma and acute myeloid leukemia.  CURE has provided the ideal environment for Press On to live, grow and succeed.

For each of the last two years, Press On has raised over half a million dollars through its core donor base.  The strength and generosity of our supporters have inspired a substantial, single anonymous gift to Press On that will establish the basis for a new investment corpus at the CSRACF and will provide Press On new tools to manage its administrative requirements and, therefore, greater assurance that every donated dollar is earmarked for the Mission.  This generous gift will also allow the Simkins and Chance families to investigate ways for Press On to expand its reach through partnerships with other grassroots organizations throughout the country (like CURE and Band of Parents) and, of course, leading pediatric cancer research institutions that will introduce Press On to new initiatives, new opportunities and potential cures for these two awful diseases.

The CSRACF, in addition to being located in Augusta, home of both families, provides Press On the 501(c)(3) umbrella through which it must operate and a proven infrastructure for the stewardship and growth of this recent endowment.  From here, we will continue directing research dollars to worthy trials and treatment initiatives, as we have through CURE, while establishing a new organizational framework for Press On to continue its mission and enhance our working relationships with the pediatric cancer research community in Augusta and throughout the nation.  In this regard, please visit our new site at www.pressonfund.org (Check it out on your tablet or Phone!)

We are eternally grateful for all that CURE has done for Press On and for the exciting new potential provided by the CSRA Community Foundation in addition to bringing the Press On Fund home to Augusta.

As we welcome the New Year, we hope you will consider Press On in your philanthropic plan.  You may donate by check to:

Press On/CSRA Community Foundation

1450 Greene Street, Suite 228  Augusta, GA 30901

and online at www.pressonfund.org.