“Gee… tough decision… I could make a $2,000 donation to Press On, or I can rent a great place for our family vacation at the beach or mountains this summer?”

Let’s face it, family always comes first.  It does in our home, and we expect it to in yours.  Consequently, dilemmas like this are usually settled with the comfort of knowing that you are doing the right thing for your spouse and children.  We can find easier ways to help to cause.. right?

But how ‘bout these apples (!!) …    Press On and Geronimo.com Vacation Rentals for Charity have teamed-up to create “OneSpareWeek” (http://Presson.OneSpareWeek.com)   where currently (as of October, 2011) over $7.3 million of vacations are already posted and those can benefit Press-On.  They hope to have over $50 million in available vacations donated by middle of 2012, so check back often as new properties are posted!

Rent your vacation at OneSpareWeek and half or all of the rent will be directed to Press On.   Properties are already posted from FL, SC, CA, CO and even Turks and Caicos!

There is no dilemma.  Simply book any vacation at http://Presson.OneSpareWeek.com, and you will have helped make a significant contribution to Press On.  In addition, we’re looking for generous business owners to provide us with added incentive for owners and for renters, so if you can donate a product or service as an incentive (example- “Rent any vacation home on presson.OneSpareWeek.com and get dinner for two at  Joe’s Steak House”)  Your business will get great exposure on our OneSpareWeek website if you give us some incentive gifts. See website for details.

And, of course, this deal goes both ways.  If you are a property owner and have a special vacation home, hunting lodge, fishing camp, etc., please take 10 minutes to post your home and donate one spare week at http://Presson.OneSpareWeek.com. Your “Spare Week” can mean a big difference for us.  This is an easy way to make a difference in helping Press On fund a cure for both AML and neuroblastoma.

With our OneSpareWeek website, we are hoping to establish an effective and sustainable means of funding Press On, without having to shake-down our friends over, over and over.  This can be a big deal, and can be very meaningful for our capacity to make meaningful investments for new treatments, trials, protocols and drugs.

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