posted on CarePages June 12, 2011

My laptop’s power indicator is blinking red, so we are looking at a world-record short post. Suffice it to say that I was comforted by the glimmering mirrored pyramid this morning, reflecting the eastern sun into Brennan’s room on the transplant unit. He opened his beautiful blue eyes, stared at me for a second, smiled and extended his arms for a hug.

It is confirmed that he has a “line infection.” It is generally a staph infection of some sort. It is not in his peripheral blood, but is stubbornly lingering in his central line. It shall be dealt with through ten days of vancomycin flushes, which will begin today and will continue tomorrow as an outpatient (once Tara and I have been trained on how to adminster the stuff). In other words, B will be able to make it home Wednesday.

The BMT staff is doing everything they can to allow his escape from the unit long enough to participate in the check presentation ceremony at the St. Jude Classic. He is not 100%, but I have a feeling when he returns from this grand farewell ceremony he will darned close to it. We will slip back int the unit before dark as if nothing ever happened. Tomorrow afternoon, he will be discharged and direct his intentions east.

Thank God that this infection is limited to his line. Thank God that Brennan has been able to see his friends on the transplant unit before he leaves. Thank God that we all leave this amazing place with an appropriate taste of humility and gratitude. Thank God.

We are dancing softly again.