posted on CarePages June 18, 2011

It is with a heavy, rejoicing and peaceful heart that I share Jeni Clark’s post this morning updating all of us on our wonderfully sassy Cassidy.

I am so honored to know this family. Jeni and Cassidy make me laugh harder than anybody I know. McKenizie and Savannah have branded giggles and smiles on my heart forever. Myndi, Cassidy’s first Mom, is always at my side. And Chad, he walks the walk as well as anyone I have ever met.

I know that many of you have prayed for Cassidy and her family over these last 18 months since our paths first crossed at St. Jude in November 2009. Please keep them in your prayers today and everyday. Please love, rejoice, laugh, and take advantage of your time fully today. We have this moment now and many others in a place more glorious than we can ever imagine.

XOXO + Press on,

From Jeni, Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

I want to praise God for His goodness to our family. It is so easy to see all of the ways He shows His love to us. We serve a wonderful SAVIOR. We understand that every thing that God allows to happen in our lives is molding us into the people He wants us to be and that NOTHING happens that separates God’s Glory from our good.

It is with those thoughts in mind, I want to inform everyone of the test results we received on Friday. Cassidy’s nurse practitioner, Kim, who we’ve become very close with during our time at St. Jude, called yesterday to tell us that the leukemia is indeed back. Cassidy has completely lost the graft from her third transplant and her original bone marrow has taken over. The team at St Jude met to discuss treatment options and have none to offer. There is nothing that they have not tried and each relapse has resulted in a stronger, more resistant leukemia. We felt we had to ask how much time they were thinking we had left and were shocked at how little time they predict. Kim said it might be three months, but we’re probably talking weeks. Once a leukemia patient converts back to the original marrow, a “snow ball” effect takes place. Cassidy has already passed that point.

As we continue to pray for HEALING, we do understand that, sometimes, that is not GOD’S PLAN. Chad and I have cried our hearts out to God to heal Cassidy, but if HE CHOOSES not to, we have PEACE that He knows what is best for Cassidy and for each of us. Words cannot convey the peace He has already given. I feel as though He has wrapped me in His arms and is constantly whispering in my ear that He is with us. We are resting in Him.

Recently, we’ve had a few conversations with Cassidy regarding HEAVEN. Last night, Chad asked her if the leukemia was back and there was no cure, would she want to take chemotherapy again to make her live a little longer and she said, “Daddy, Pleeeaase let me go to Heaven and don’t make me take the pill.” She is not afraid of death in any way and is even excited to see her Savior face to face. She talks about getting a “nunicorn” in heaven and wants to name him, “NUNA.” She talks about eating as much fruit as she wants from the Tree of Life talked about in the Bible. She talks about seeing her first mommy and hopes that at least one of the babies that Myndi miscarried is a boy because she’s always wanted a brother.

Please do not stop praying for us. We plan to tell the girls shortly after I finish this update. We pray for God’s peace to surround our home as we say these difficult words.
Ever thankful for your continued prayers,
The Clarks