Posted Feb 11, 2011 2:01pm

Erin and Patrick are on the way back from Philadelphia with news of stable scans, which is reassuring and offers hope that next week’s stem cell collection and, hopefully, MIBG treatment will arrest any disease progression underway and, even better, greatly reduce Patrick’s disease burden. If we get enough cells we might even choose tandem MIBG treatments then evaluate where we are and choose a new strategy. Constantly being in the thick of battle has its down side, but having the ability to continue the fight is what this is all about.

Many of you have heard the upsetting news that we were the victims of a burglary. We lost lots of electronics, some heirlooms, and some peace of mind, but we are making good progress on replacing all of this. Several local news organizations became interested in the story because the thieves stole Patrick’s wallet that contained his savings of $82. His goal was $400 so he could buy the Lego Star Wars “Death Star.” 11 Alive informed Lego of the situation, and before we knew it Patrick had a Death Star and other Lego products delivered to him at school by the folks at 11 Alive courtesy of Lego corporate headquarters. We also saw a spike in online donations to press on from total strangers, and we are confident that childhood cancer ranks higher in the awareness of Metro Atlanta. As for expensive gadgets and peace of mind, we fortunately have good insurance and will soon have a home with state of the art security, so if you come by, then smile for the cameras because good is kicking evil’s you know what! Have a great weekend!