Posted Feb 19, 2011

Yes, kissing the sidewalk is what Patrick was doing when he jumped out of the car beside our house this evening. OUR HOUSE!!! He literally laid down on the ground and smooched the cement like it was his favorite Valentine. I don’t really blame him because I was feeling the same way!

Patrick set a record at CHOP for fastest radiation drop and was released around lunchtime today. We hopped a flight home after a delicious lunch at our favorite White Dog Cafe. I can’t even begin to describe how nice it is to be in my own home, able to touch my child without gloves on, and with nothing wrapped in plastic. I don’t have to wear blue booties on my feet or sit behind a lead shield. It is simply marvelous.

We are headed to the mountains in the morning where we will rendezvous with the girls to celebrate Stephen’s birthday and what remains of our winter break. It is such a nice gift of time we have been given. We don’t have to return to Philly until April 11.

Thank you for all your kind words of support. This week was a big milestone for us, and we loved sharing some good news with all of Patrick’s carepage family.

With gratitude and joy –