By Barclay Bishop · Wednesday, Mar. 05, 2009

Augusta, GA — Turner Simkins, son diagnosed with Leukemia: “He’s a strong little boy, and he still has a great smile…”

It’s been nearly 2 months since Turner Simkins and his family found out that his 7-year-old son, Brennan, had leukemia. But, it only took days for complete strangers to step up, in support.

Connor Tierney, shaved head to support Leukemia patient: “We shaved our heads and then we took a group picture, and then sent it to him, so that he would feel better about his illness.”

Connor Tierney and his freshman Aquinas soccer team found out through teammate, Matt Moses…a family friend of the Simkins.

Matt Moses, shaved head in support of Brennan Simkins: “We pretty much came together over Brennan, like his illness, and we just wanted to make him feel better just show him that we don’t have hair, either, so it’s not that bad.”

Everywhere they go, these guys share a symbol of hope for a little boy that some on the team have never met.

Kevin Trammell, Aquinas High School soccer coach: “I think it shows a lot of character at a really young age, I mean they’re just freshman and they really came together and it’s been kind of a bonding experience for them.”

Coach Trammell’s team, and nearly 100 others from Brennan’s school, St. Mary’s on the Hill, shaved their heads bald.

Simkins: “The overwhelming support of the whole community, coming together, to us, is just heart warming. And, for it to be of course, with someone so close, you know, as close to us in our family, and it means so much to us. It’s hard to explain the emotions.”

While it’s unclear how long Brennan’s struggle will continue…it’s clear to his family…that they have the community’s support, every step of the way.

Simkins: “I’d like to say thanks for your support and your prayers and that hopefully we can use this as an experience that helps us throughout all of our lives.”

His and Her Hair Salon shaved the heads of 80 kids at St. Mary’s on the Hill. Kids on Brennan’s baseball team also stepped up to the plate and did the same.

Brennan will head to Emory in a few months for a bone marrow transplant.