Press On is a process through which families can share what they have learned with other families.  Your world comes to a screeching halt when you are told your child has cancer.  You are in shock. All the while, however, the world continues to spin around you at warp speed.  You catch bits and pieces of your new reality as you are ready.

During this initial phase, parents are totally dependent upon what their local experts tell them.  If those medical experts, the local treating physicians, say there is one recipe book for your child’s disease and your child’s treatment would be the same no matter where he is treated, you as a parent find comfort in that.

But, what if that isn’t the case? What if there are other options? How would you know?

With many pediatric cancers the standard, one recipe formula may hold true.  The standard and the cure rate are well in favor of the child.

With neuroblastoma and high risk AMLs that is not the case.  Neuroblastoma has no cure.  High risk AML has a cure with a relatively low success rate, and it is extremely risky.

With both of these cancers, chances of relapse are high.  So, you need a plan, a long range plan.  You need a team, a multi-institutional team.

That’s where Press On comes in.

We raise money for much needed neuroblastoma and AML research, and we share our knowledge of the type of plan families really need.  We encourage communication between families and the building of multi-institutional bridges.  This is a new approach to treating pediatric cancer. It is a collaborative approach.  We believe the future cure is based in this approach.