Play It Forward


Ready to share with your friends? Here is what you can share on social media to get it started:

I was challenged to the Press On #PlayItForward Challenge by ____ ! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. A child is diagnosed with cancer every TWO MINUTES, but pediatric cancer research remains grossly underfunded, receiving only 4% of the NIH annual budget. The Press On Fund invests in childhood cancer research protocols all around the country, and 100% of money raised by Press On is earmarked for research.

The challenge is simple:

  • PLAY it forward by having some fun today– anything that you love to do!
  • DONATE just $5 (or whatever you can!) to the campaign! CLICK HERE!
  • CHALLENGE three friends and SHARE your story with a photo or video.

[What you did to PLAY and why you Press On] I challenge _____ , _____ , and _____. How will you #PlayforPressOn?

PIF-HeroGet ready to help us Beat Childhood Cancer and Play It Forward with Press On this September!

At Press On, we’re fighting for water gun fights, music lessons and fun with friends. We’re fighting for football games and ballet classes. We’re fighting for a world without childhood cancer – a world where all kids are playing and doing what they love INSTEAD of getting treatments, losing their hair and living in hospitals.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
and we’re going for the GOLD!

On September 1st, 2016, 36 fantastic volunteers — one for every 36 children diagnosed each day — started the challenge. They chose a way to PLAY it Forward, and donated just $5 — FIVE for those pivotal FIVE YEARS of survival. Then they shared their story on social media and each challenged THREE friends to do the same on September 2nd. How far can we #PlayItForward? You tell us!

There is an annual $30 million gap in the funding of pediatric cancer research:

Our goal of $300 million will cover 10 years of that gap!

Think your $5 can’t make an impact? Our calculations say otherwise!

If everyone involved accepts the challenge to Play it Forward, it would take just NINE days to raise $1 million. It would take just TEN days to break 1 MILLION participants, and only two weeks to break our starting goal of $300 MILLION. From there, things get crazy: by September 16th, this challenge could reach 774.8 MILLION PEOPLE: that’s MORE than the entire population of North America! Those 774.8 million people could raise over $3.8 BILLION dollars for pediatric cancer research. IMAGINE the POSSIBILITIES!

You CAN make a difference. Taking the #PlayItForward Challenge is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. PLAY! Devote today’s play to all the children affected by pediatric cancer. Build a Lego masterpiece, dedicate your soccer game, play a song, do some cartwheels in your backyard!
  2. DONATE! Donate $5 to Press On’s #PlayItForward Campaign. CLICK HERE!
  3. CHALLENGE! Challenge 3 friends to join the cause, and share a photo or video of you playing it forward! Tell us why you #PlayforPressOn for a chance to be featured on our social media. Let us know on the Press On Facebook page!

The Play it Forward Campaign utilizes Crowdrise, an online fundraising platform to collect and process dollars for the Press On Fund’s Play it Forward Campaign.  Crowdrise charges a nominal processing fee, but 100% of remaining dollars are directed to the Press On Fund, in care of the Community Foundation of the CSRA (CFCSRA) . All fund related overhead is funded directly by event  sponsors and  earnings from the Press On endowment, managed by CFCSRA

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